CT Suite Reporting

CT Suite Realtime and Historical Reporting


CT Suite Reporting provides your business with up to date, real-time and historical data that will enable you to efficiently manage, measure and enhance your business.

Call Details

Slice and dice the data to filter based on your needs (e.g., Show all calls, where phone number is..., where date time is..., where abandoned is true.) 

Cradle to Grave

View the whole call journey, where did they enter, where did they queue and who did they talk to.


View multimedia reports from multiple angles, from queue and agents' statistics and also from historical to track and view content.

Customer History

Access customer history across channels. View voice calls, emails and chat all through the same tool.

Merge & Combine

Combine our data with your data (e.g., CRM data.) Create a picture of your customer habits and use the information to build a stronger relationship. 


Connect to our REST API for realtime information on Queues and Agents.

Historical Reporting

The historical reporting in CT Suite is focused on the details or the interactions, what path did a call take, what information was attached, who did they talk to and for how long.  

Real-time Dashboard

The CT Suite Dashboard Windows Application provides a customizable canvas to display real-time information on VDN’s, Skills and ACD Agents. The Dashboard application is fully customizable by agent, but can also run in a locked down mode. Supervisors and team leads can also design Dashboards which they then can make available to their agents. Data can also be displayed on external monitors in and around your contact center eliminating the need for a separate wallboard system


With CT Suite you have multiple options to create your reports, views and merging of data without purchasing expensive add-ons and packages. Integrate using a programming platform and language you are familiar and comfortable with.

The Power of Kibana

All historical CT Suite reporting is done through the
Elastic Search Kibana
 tools. Kibana is a powerfull and flexible open platform designed for visualization of data.

Report Data

CT Suite includes all interaction details.

  • Interactions details (start/end date/times)
  • Interaction step (Queued, Answered..)
  • Interaction info (email content, chat content, IVR information..)
  • Combine data with external sources
  • Create your own calculations and averages

Report Types

We have pre-built many reports but you can also create your own.

  • Channel (Email, Chat, SMS, Voice..)
  • Disposition (by channel, customer, sales transaction..)
  • Customer (interactions..)
  • Drill down to see all records 

Report Filters

Filter the view real-time.  Filter on any available data drill down.

Select Visualization

Visualize your data in the format of choice.

Customize Layout and Theme

Order and organize your dashboard using drag and drop. Run light or dark color theme.