CT Suite Email Channel

Powerful and Flexible Email Solution


Route, Respond, Manage and ensure your customer email interactions are handled. 

Powerfull Email SOLUTION

Rich feature set to get your email handle time down considerably.

Email Routing

Route your customer emails into Avaya Elite queues. Setup your email routes like you would setup voice queues on Avaya.


Use personal and system templates\canned responses to quickly address customer requests. 

Advanced Routing

Go beyond first in first out routing. CT Suite provides Keyword, Domain routing as well as database lookup to fit the business needs.

Suspend, Retrieve

Can't complete the email reply right now? No problem, suspend until a later time and continue working. Need to retrieve emails by searching the system? No problem!

Subject Matter Expert Routing

Need to consult outside the contact center before you can close respond to the customer? Use the SME routing feature to spawn child email to external resources, maintain full tracking for reporting and compliance.


Search millions of emails from the analytics database. Use CT Suite analytics or Integrate third party analytics tools to query for the data you need.  

Advanced Routing Rules

Route using advanced features like Last Agent, Sender address priority, Keywords and custom database queries. 

Advanced Routing

Sometimes first in, first out is not enough

Last Agent

Make sure your customer continue working with the same agent, maintain the thread and communication by using Last Agent Routing. 


Route emails using keywords. Look for words and sentences in the email and set route point and priority.

Sender Address

Route emails based on sender address or domain. Set the route point and priority.

Queue Managment

Allow managers to go into any mailbox and reset queue and priority on emails.


Allow agents to transfer emails to other queues and agents, setting priority based on content. 


Perform database lookup against relevant customer information before setting route point and priority.

Email Supervisor

Search for emails meeting certain criteria and change their state as needed to meet business and routing requirements.

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Securely communicate with your customers by ensuring they are authenticated

About Secure Messaging (SMA)

End to end system that ensures your customers have authenticated before they can view and reply to your email communications.  Have full visibility into all secure emails from and to your customers.

Who should consider SMA

Anyone that is required either by law or company policy to communicate with customers securely to meet certain requirements like HIPAA or PCI should consider using a secure channel.

How does it work?

We do the heavy lifting! We provide the customer-facing email interface, the agent interface, and the workflow. You simply embed our interface into your public website. Pass customer information and authentication information with the email.