Email Supervisor

Sometimes you need to inject yourself into the queues and change things.

Supervisors with the proper permissions can find emails and change their route point or state.
For example, you may have an email that routed to the wrong queue or you may have an agent that has suspended emails and they go on vacation. You need to reassign these emails to ensure they have handled.

Find the email or emails

Using the email supervisor tool, you can search using multiple criteria.

  • Mailboxes (email boxes)
  • Agent (contact center agents)
  • State (i.e. suspended, queued..)
  • Sender (send email address)
  • Email ID (CT Suite email address)
  • Date range

The search will return all emails meeting criteria.

Take action

With the proper email or emails loaded, take some action on them.

  • Close - close it out in the system
  • Reset - set it back to its original state
  • Assign - select mailbox, queue or agent to set this email to.