Outbound Channel

Call your customers at the right time and track it to ensure it was done! 


Make sure you get all your outbound customer calls handled. 


CT Suite Outbound works great as a replacement for printed call lists.

Outbound Calling

Perform outbound calling from centralized campaigns and assign to users. E.g. "Callback", "Abandoned" callback requests can be auto captured. 


Capture callback requests from Avaya queues or website. Build callback campaigns based upon advanced queries E.g. "Abandoned calls". 

Caller ID

Assign Calling Party Number to your campaigns or set manually by user during the outbonund call. 


View calls made by campaign, user, number called, times and disposition codes. Optionally tie call to your call recording solution. 

Disposition Codes

Let your users disposition the call using up to 3 levels deep with notes. 


Use relevant campaign and customer info to perform screenpop into third party application.

Agent Benefits

Access assigned Call Lists, utilize personal Call Lists, take advantage of features like Click to dial, Screen pop and Wrap up coded! Easily see customer information before you get them on the phone. Since all call details are saved you the agent will have all their time spent on calls accounted for in reports.

Business Benefits

The business will greatly benefit from having a scalable solution that works as a hybrid dialer/non-dialer system. Manual or Auto upload of call lists, reporting of call completion codes and details to list a few.

Customer Benefits

Your customers will receive their calls when they requested and needed them. They do not need to spend time waiting on hold or setting reminders to callback.