SMS Channel

Enable text messaging with your customers without breaking a sweat!

Message Handling

With CT Suite SMS Channel, your customers can easily connect with you by way of phone text messaging (SMS & MMS). Ensure proper handle time and routing by having CT Suite route all messages through blended routing. Messages threads persist and multiple agents can service your customer requests.


Text Messaging integrated with the contact center

Text Message Routing

Route text messages requests to the right queues based on customer information. 

Canned Responses

Use personal and system templates\canned responses to quickly address customer requests. Provide auto messages to a customer during chat (e.g, Good Morning.)


Text message conversations are encrypted in transit and at rest once inside the CT Suite platform. Block sensitive information in user interface and mask permanently in database.

Persistent Conversation

The message thread is maintained regardless of who in your contact center the customer is messaging with.

Self Service Bot

Integrate with your preferred Chat BOT service, hand off to agent when needed.


Search millions of SMS conversations from our analytics database. Use CT Suite analytics or Integrate third party analytics tools to query for the data you need. 

Twillio Connector

CT Suite provides pre-built integration to Twilio SMS. Easily get up and running with your new SMS channel. You can also integrate with your preferred SMS Gateway using the CT Suite set of API's.

Integrate with nearly any other SMS Gateway service. 

  User Validation

With CT Suite user validation you can verify that you are talking to the correct person. By having your customers authenticate as part of the text message conversation, you can be assured they are who they say they are.