Spelling and Grammar Checking

Making sure your spelling and grammar is correct can be critical to how your business is perceived.

With CT Suite you have multiple options to perform Spell and Grammar checking, from using basic options like the built-in Google Chrome spell check to more advanced options. But did you know we can provide a full spell and grammar checking tool including custom dictionaries dedicated to you?

Checking on the fly

The spell and grammar tool is built into every CT Suite text window.

  • Spell and Grammar check - Check spelling and grammar as you type
  • Add words - Build your own dictionary
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Supported Languages

By default it checks spelling in 17 and grammar in 15 languages. Optionally spell checking can be extended to any of 152 additional languages. For additional languages contact us

   Spell checking       Grammar checking

  •   American English
  •   British English
  •   Canadian English
  •   Canadian French
  •   French
  •   German
  •   Italian
  •   Greek
  •   Spanish
  •        Finnish
  •   Danish
  •   Dutch
  •   Portuguese
  •   Swedish
  •   Ukrainian
  •        Norwegian Bokmal
  •   Brazilian Portuguese

Specialized Dictionaries

Available as add-on to your CT Suite we have industry dictionaries which speak in your trade’s lingo.


Contains words related to anatomy, diseases, health care, generic and trademark drug names, and medical research. Available for American, British and Australian English, French.


Contains words related to jurisprudence, law, criminology, and law enforcement. Available for American and British English.

 Try it out

Click into the editor and try for yourself.

Using the CT Suite text editor easily fix errors and update your dictionary.

- Select the orange icon bottom-right to view full window.


The way you have deployed your spell and grammar checking tool depends on your CT Suite deployment.

  • On-prem - Everything run onsite, words never leave your environment.
  • Dedicated Cloud - Everything run on dedicated cloud servers, never shared with anyone else.
  • Multi tenant Cloud - You share servers with other tenant but with data separation.