Voice Channel

Fully integrated softphone, agent and blended routing with Avaya 


Complete softphone with third party call control,  telecommuter support, ACD agent, and Presence features.


Fully control your Avaya phone through our softphone. Fully synchronized and rest easy knowing it has passed all
Avaya DevConnect testing!


Control the agent state from a friendly and easy-to-use interface. Fully control your agent features like login/out and AUX. 


Users working from home can register as telecommuters and use their phone as the audio path. No more shipping VPN phones!


Agents can view other agents' realtime Avaya state. See if they are in a call or AUX state before you conference them into your call.

Click to dial

Make calls by clicking on the telephone number in your CRM or other applications. Not only save time but also get access to call details information, and share with your CRM record.


Use relevant call work item information such as phone number or collected information to pop customer record in another application.


No need to take your hands off the mouse and keyboard to control your calls!


Supports up to 5 line appearances matching your deskphone. Handle calls with call control features like "answer, end, hold, conference, and transfer". We also included lots of other features to ensure customer information is visible and provided to the next agent on transfers.


CT Suite desktop provides a user-friendly and flexible UI that integrates ACD Agent features to allow the user/agent to fully control their ACD State.
Their ACD Agent credentials are integrated with their user profile and single sign-on. From the CT Desktop, they can Login/Out of the Avaya Elite environment, they can also change their state by selecting AUX or ACW using an intuitive interface


CT Suite provides a built-in presence widget for showing ACD states of other contact center agents. Build out groups to view only users in your teams. Check if someone is available before using the click to dial feature to conference or transfer your call.


Give the agent access to complete customer history through the powerful search feature in CT Suite. Search across all contact media types, search using keywords, phrases, email sender addresses or telephone numbers. View customer journey, messages and content.