Salesforce Connector

screenpop, Click-to-dial, Call details and Queing of non-voice Salesforce work items such as "Web leads" through CT Suite

Salesforce Connector

Screenpop,Click to dial, Call details and Queuing of non-voice Salesforce work items such as "Web leads" through CT Suite


Complete integration to your Avaya phone system for Phone, ACD Agent and Blended routing!


Automatically load the Contact, Account or other Record based on Callers phone number or collected information.

Click to dial

Simply click from any telephone field listed in Salesforce to dial out.

Call Logging

Call details are all written to the Salesforce record.

Workflow Integration

Route Salesforce work items such as Web leads and Email trough the CT Suite Open Queue service to achive blended routing.


Run integrated or External softphone. Integrated means you have the softphone running inside Salesforce, external means you run CT Suite Web Client. 


CT Suite utilize the Salesforce Open CTI for our integration to Avaya CTI, all done server side.

Workflow Integration

Take your integration to the next level with full CT Suite Open Queue integration. Route Salesforce work items through Avaya skills based routing. 

Softphone Integrated

Control your Avaya phone and agent from inside the Salesforce interface with the CT Suite Salesforce Connector.

Web Client

When you need the full features of CT Suite Web Client you can still take advantage of all the integration points using our server to server integration with Salesforce.