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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try CT Suite for free?

Yes. You can sign into our public sandbox to check out the interface and features. If you require integration to your own PBX or more advanced testing, there may be some charges. Please contact sales if that's the case.

Do you have example applications built using CT Suite SDK and API's?

Yes. Check out the developer section for more information. We have created several sample applications, including a complete web-based softphone.

What is the price difference between Cloud and Server On-Prem?

Cloud pricing is subscription and based on concurrent agent, it can flex up or down based on your current needs. On-Prem is perpetual and based on concurrent agents with no flexing. On-Prem also requires annual maintenance to ensure support and product updates. Hosted includes maintenance and updates. There are many more differences. For additional questions please see our platform section or contact sales

How do I buy CT Suite?

This depends on if you are doing on-prem or cloud.  We work with multiple reseller partners, but we can also sell direct if you don't currently work with a partner. Contact sales and we will guide you.

Is my data safe with CT Suite?

Keeping your data safe during transport and at rest is our most important responsibility. We invest a great amount of time and resources to ensure all data we handle is secure. We use the latest in encryption protocols. Please see our security information here